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Creative Ways to Reinvent Your Makeup Looks Using Bronzer

Many people use bronzer to give themselves a more tanned look in the colder seasons, or to give off that tan glow without exposing their face to sun damage. Some use bronzer to great effect, while others have difficulty making it look natural. But did you know there are many other ways to use bronzer besides just making yourself look tanner?

Knowing where to put bronzer and how to apply bronzer can make a big difference in your appearance and give you a wider range of makeup looks to choose from. Read on and we will tell you how to apply bronzer in a natural-looking manner and provide four outside-the-box ways to use bronzer to transform your makeup looks.

Natural glow
To apply bronzer in a natural-looking manner, you need to know where to put bronzer on your face.
The most important step in applying bronzer for a natural makeup look is to apply it to the areas of your face that catch the sun more, namely the upper areas of your face, nose, cheeks, and chin.
After applying your foundation, apply bronzer to your upper forehead near your hairline, your temples, the bridge of your nose, your upper cheeks, and your chin. After you’ve applied your bronzer, blend it using a blending brush to give it a more natural look without harsh edges.
It’s also important to blend some bronzer under your jawline and on your neck to give the bronzer on your face a more complementary look.
One creative use of bronzer is to use it to do your contouring. Consider replacing the darker foundation shade you may have already been using to contour with bronzer, as it can do the trick just as nicely and is a great way to shake up your makeup routine.
Read our step-by-step contouring guide for more details on how to contour properly.
By using a matte bronzer along with a shimmery bronzer, you can contour and highlight your face for a natural makeup look with a sculpted, healthy-looking glow. If you’re following our step-by-step powder makeup contouring guide, use a matte bronzer for the contour and a luminous bronzer in place of the lighter foundation shade.
Blushing glow
This one is pretty simple. After using bronzer for contouring or sculpting, use a blush brush to blend a light layer of blush along your cheekbones to complete your natural makeup look.
Bronze shadow
You can use bronzer for a bold eyeshadow look by applying it as eyeshadow using a thinner brush. This will give your eyes a bold, smoky makeup look.

Now that you know where to put bronzer and how to apply bronzer, consider adding some or all of these techniques to greatly enhance your makeup looks!