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How to Apply Makeup: Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial

Smoky eye makeup can create an incredibly alluring and mysterious look. It’s no wonder smoky eye is one of the most popular eye makeup looks. And although it may seem intimidating, this look is actually pretty simple to achieve yourself, as long as you have the right tools. To do smoky eye makeup, you will need:

  • Three complementary eyeshadow shades – You’ll want to use a light color, a medium base color, and a smoky dark color. Black, gray, and bronze are good color ranges to use. Also, for a proper smoky eye, loose powder eyeshadow works best.
  • Black eyeliner – Any type of eyeliner will do here, as long as it’s pitch black, because you want to create a good contrast, so your smoky eye really stands out.
  • The right makeup brush – For smoky eye makeup, you’ll want to use a high-quality eyeshadow brush with a rounded tip.
  • Concealer and primer – Apply a primer and your favorite concealer to your eyelids to prep them to be the base for your smoky eye.

You’ll also want to go ahead and put on your face makeup before you create your smoky eye. Be sure that you’ve also done your eyebrow makeup as well since the smoky eye makeup will make them stand out more. Once you are ready, it’s time to apply your smoky eyes!

  1. Apply the lightest shade – Your light eyeshadow shade will act as a highlighter. You’ll want to use your brush to lightly dab it onto the inside corner of your eyelid; do this for both your upper and lower eyelids. You can also use the lightest shade to highlight your brows by underlining them with this shade.


  1. Apply the medium shade – The medium shade should be brushed and swept over your entire upper eyelid. Blend it at the inside corner with your lighter shade to avoid a harsh line. Apply the medium shade all the way to the natural upper crease of your eyelid.


  1. Add your dark shade – Starting from the outside corner of your eyes, apply the dark shade, sweeping in along your lash line in a curved motion and stopping halfway along your lash line. The outer edge should be the darkest, with the highest concentration of your dark shadow. Sweep a small amount below your lower lid, starting at the outside corner and stopping halfway along the lash line.


  1. Blend – Clean your eyeshadow brush and dry it, then use it to blend your colors. Start by blending along the divide between the two lighter colors, using a curved motion, and then blend the dark shadow outwards toward your brow, so that it fades gradually.


  1. Put on your eyeliner – Apply your favorite eyeliner style (standard, cat eye, winged, etc.) and if you want your smoky eye to have extra pop, you can use a white eyeliner pencil to tightline the inner corner of your upper eyelid, directly below your lashes. This will require you to apply the makeup very close to your actual eye, so take care when doing this.


  1. Apply mascara – When applying your mascara, make sure clumps don’t get on your eyelids. Use two coats or less on your upper lashes, and only one on your bottom lashes.


  1. Brush away excess powder – Finally, use a large brush to gently sweep away any excess powder or mascara that has fallen onto your cheeks. That’s it; you’re done!

Like many other makeup looks, smoky eye can be modified to truly make it your own. Try experimenting with different colors, or with stronger angles when applying shadow, for a more dramatic finish.