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Lilac or Champagne: The Best Concealer Type for Your Skin

If you’re reading this article, you are probably already aware of what concealer is, but just in case: Concealer is makeup that is applied over spots and features you wish to cover up, and it goes under your foundation without showing through. Plenty of women use concealer, especially those with age spots, blemishes, or redness. There are a variety of concealers – creams, powders, liquid – and they come in different shades. These shades reflect what each concealer is suited to cover up.

We will compare two of the most effective shades of concealer: lilac and champagne.


Lilac concealer is a very light shade of purple that is suitable as a cover-up for any yellowish discoloration on the skin. Lilac is also a great brightener for a sallow, dull complexion, and it is well suited to cover blemishes as well. If you’ve ever looked at a color wheel, you may have noticed that purple and yellow appear at opposite ends of the spectrum, which is why this shade is so effective in covering up yellow tones.

Our Picks
Pure Minerals Lilac Concealer – This lilac concealer is made entirely of mineral ingredients and is ideal to use under your mineral foundations. It comes in a loose mineral powder and goes on smoothly with a makeup brush, concealing seamlessly.
Photo Finish Lilac Concealer – This is an airbrush concealer meant to be used with an airbrush system and other airbrush makeup. It’s water-resistant and long-wearing, so if you’re looking to hide discoloration under your airbrush makeup, this concealer is an excellent choice.


Champagne concealer is a light neutral color with slight yellow and pink tones. Due to its lighter, brighter color, this concealer is great for covering up veins, age spots, and any darker discoloration on the skin. It’s also great for concealing dark circles around the eyes, brightening them and giving them a more vibrant look.

Our Pick –

Pure Minerals Champagne Concealer – Like Pure Minerals’ lilac concealer, this concealer is made using only mineral ingredients and provides excellent coverage when applied with a makeup brush.

Both lilac and champagne concealer shades are amazing tools to have on hand when doing your makeup. Between the two, you can cover most skin issues, giving your foundation finish an even tone.