Makeup Tips

What to Look for in a Makeup Kit

Makeup kits and gift sets have become very popular. They make excellent gifts and are a great way to get started using a new line of products. They typically contain a range of products, with the exact mix differing from kit to kit. But what are the essentials? Here is our list of must-haves for a makeup kit or gift set:

  1. Primer


We have praised the benefits of using a makeup primer before. It truly is the best place to start when you are applying your makeup, as it helps to condition and moisturize your face, as well as to improve your makeup’s ability to adhere to your face. If you want a long-lasting, comfortable wear out of your makeup, primer is a necessary item, and getting one in a makeup kit will ensure that the primer is designed to work with that makeup line.


  1. Concealer


Concealer is another essential in your makeup routine. It helps to cover blemishes and discoloration without showing through your foundation. And if you get a concealer in a makeup kit, you can be sure it is meant to go with that foundation.
If you need help deciding what concealer shade is best for you, read this.
  1. Foundation


It may seem obvious, but foundation is likely the most important item in your makeup kit or gift set. It’s the makeup product that is most visible on the majority of your face and helps give you an even-looking complexion. It is also quite literally the foundation upon which you can build your highlighting, contouring, and blush. Speaking of which:


  1. Blush


Blush can make a major difference in your look. It can add a pop of color to your face to draw attention where you want it, giving you a youthful, rosy complexion. And even if you already have naturally rosy cheeks, that can be lost under your foundation. Blush is essential to restore that lively blushing look to your face.


  1. Brushes/necessary equipment


When applying makeup, you need to have the right tools. And although many people have makeup brushes already, having one in a makeup kit ensures you have the right brush to apply the makeup in that kit, such as a kabuki brush for a mineral makeup kit. This is especially important when it comes to airbrush makeup because it requires a dedicated, special system to apply, so when buying an airbrush makeup kit, be sure to get one with an airbrush and compressor if you do not already have one.


  1. Makeup bag
It’s nice to be able to take all your makeup with you when you travel, or at least to be able to consolidate everything in one place in your bathroom or vanity. Therefore, it is important to have a makeup bag in your makeup kit. A makeup bag also adds a lot to the presentation of a makeup kit if it is being purchased as a gift, because the entire set can be presented within the bag