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8 Reasons You Need to Use a Makeup Primer

Primer is something that’s talked about a lot in the world of makeup, with many professionals calling it an essential step in your makeup routine, and others saying it isn’t always necessary.

So, is makeup primer something you really need, or just a waste of time and money? To answer that question, we need to look at the benefits of makeup primers. Primers are designed to help prepare the face for the application of makeup, but their list of benefits goes beyond just that. Here are 8 of the biggest benefits of using a makeup primer:

  1. Locks in moisture

Makeup can tend to dry out your skin, especially powder makeup. Many primers contain moisturizing ingredients and help to keep moisture in by creating a barrier between your face and your foundation.

  1. Improves the texture of skin

Many primers, especially gel primers, help improve the texture of your skin by using ingredients like silicones. These ingredients can smooth the texture of the skin, leaving it feeling silky and soft.

  1. Makes foundation last longer

One of the main benefits primer offers is helping foundation, particularly powder foundation, such as mineral makeup, adhere to the face. With this assist, your makeup will stick to your face better and give you a longer wear-time.

  1. Enables better coverage

Another benefit of your makeup adhering better to your face is the fact that you can use less foundation and get better coverage. This is because with primer, the makeup is able to lay on your skin in a thinner, more even layer.

  1. Evens out imperfections and blemishes

A lot of primers are thick, allowing them to fill in wrinkles and scars and giving the surface of the skin a smoother appearance. This is especially true for silicone-based gel primers because they can fill in gaps while providing an even texture to the skin.

  1. Helps to conceal acne

Although primers are not designed to treat the condition of acne, they can help reduce the visible symptoms of it. This is another benefit of primer’s ability to smooth and even out the texture of skin. When primer is applied, it can help to smooth and lessen the harshness of bumps and blemishes on the face. Its ability to fill in gaps is also great for hiding sunken acne scars.

  1. Good for any skin type or color

Primers are typically clear and are intended to be used with any skin type. Because they aren’t colored, they won’t affect the color of your foundation once applied. Therefore, regardless of your skin color or type, most primers should work for you.

  1. Reduces shine

Many primers include silica. This ingredient helps to reduce the shininess of oily skin, leaving the skin with a more matte appearance.

Given the numerous benefits, it would be hard to argue against the importance of using a primer. And as far as cons go, there really aren’t many. Sure, primer requires a little extra time and money, but most are relatively inexpensive, last a long time, and take very little time to apply. There are even airbrush primers designed to moisturize and set your face, without reducing the long-lasting, water-resistant wear of airbrush makeup.

Regardless of your makeup routine, there’s a primer out there for you.



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