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Finding the Best Men's Skin Care Products

Men’s skin can benefit from many of the same practices and products as women’s skin. However, men’s skin care needs differ in several key ways. For starters, men don’t wear makeup, and their skin may have a greater need for SPF protection if it’s typically bare from day to day. Men’s skin also tends to be tougher than women’s, meaning they are less likely to be sensitive to many of the same ingredients that women are sensitive to. Men also have facial hair, making facial razor bumps a unique skin care issue for men.

Here are our guidelines for what to look for in the best skin care products for men, and our picks for some of the best men’s skin care products.

  1. Use a good moisturizer and adequate sunscreen
As with women’s skin, UV rays and sun damage are some of the top contributors to visible aging in men. Applying at least SPF 30 to your face before going out in the sun for 30 minutes or more will help protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.
Moisturizing is also crucial. If your skin is dry, you’ll want to go for a rich cream, but if your skin is oily, you’ll want to look for an oil-free moisturizer with humectants.
Our Pick – 2.5% Retinol Cream – Advanced Skin Care
Not only does this product contain 2.5% retinol (Vitamin A), an excellent and potent skin care vitamin that helps with pigmentation issues and fine lines, it’s also a rich moisturizing cream with a lot of botanical ingredients, making it a great solution for dry skin. It’s also perfume and fragrance free.
For oily skin, see our pick for #3, Bio-Vive Tri-B Peptide Serum.
  1. Look for products with soothing ingredients to calm razor burn
If you are prone to razor burn, use products that have soothing and calming ingredients, like aloe, witch hazel, and tea tree oil. This will help reduce the irritation and inflammation caused by razor burn.
Our Pick – Organica Skin Brightening Serum – Organica
This organic serum contains aloe and witch hazel, two ingredients that are effective in calming razor burn. It’s also a great skin brightener, helping to even out skin pigmentation. With a whole slew of organic ingredients, botanical extracts and hydrating ingredients, this is a superb men’s skin care product.
  1. Use products with peptides and B vitamins to keep skin tight looking and evenly toned
Peptides are excellent skin care ingredients for men’s skin, too! They help to build collagen and keep skin looking tight and youthful.
B vitamins are good for skin because they’re antioxidant rich and can help protect from, and reduce the visibility of, free radical damage and sun damage.
Our Pick – Tri-B Complex Serum – Bio-Vive
This bluish serum contains three different B vitamins, DL-Panthenol (B5), Niacinamide (B3) and Biotin (B7), bringing the antioxidant power you need to reduce the visible effects of sun damage and hyperpigmentation. It also contains snap-8, an elongated form of the peptide Argireline, one of the best collagen-building and wrinkle-fading ingredients on the skin care market. Plus, the sleek packaging looks really cool.
  1. Use toners and serums with salicylic acid to calm acne and breakouts
Salicylic acid is among the most trusted ingredients when it comes to preventing acne. It helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and unclog pores. Salicylic acid also decreases excess oil on the skin and reduces inflammation.
Our Pick – Retinol Plus 2.5% Serum – Advanced Skin Care
Along with retinol, this serum contains salicylic acid and tea tree oil, making it a great acne treatment and a great choice to reduce razor bumps.
  1. Look for all-in-one products to save time
Rather than using separate products for moisturizing, razor burn, anti-aging, and skin toning, an all-in-one product can save you time in your routine and be just as effective as using several different skin care products.
Our Pick – Skin Rescue – Advanced Skin Care
With a plethora of antioxidant-rich skin care vitamins (vitamins B3, B5, E, and C), a rich moisturizing cream and hyaluronic acid base with aloe and witch hazel, and two powerful peptides (tripeptide-5 and syn-ake), this cream serum is one of the best skin care products for men.




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