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What Is Retinol and What Are its Benefits?

Within the skin care world, one of the most highly praised ingredients is retinol. Many highly popular serums and creams on the skin care market contain retinol and other retinoids. But what is retinol? And what’s the difference between a retinol and a retinoid? Retinoids are vitamers of vitamin A, meaning they are chemical compounds with a similar chemical makeup to vitamin A. These vitamers are themselves classified as vitamin A. I know it’s confusing, but bear with me here. Retinoids have the same effects as vitamin A, but at different levels and in different ways. Some are also easier for our skin to absorb and use than others. Retinol is one of several retinoids. It’s also naturally occurring in...

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Skin Lightening: How to Safely Fade Hyperpigmentation with Skin Care Products

  Many people have dark spots and discoloration on their skin that they’d like to fade. Most of these blemishes are due to hyperpigmentation from sun damage; that’s why these spots are so common. This raises several questions: What is the best way to fade or lighten these spots? What’s the most effective product? What’s safe to use? This article will answer these questions and tell you how to find the best skin care products to lighten dark spots. What are the most effective skin lightening ingredients? Retinol is a form of Vitamin A which is incredibly common and popular in many skin care formulas. Lightening dark spots and hyperpigmentation is just one of its many reported skin care benefits,...

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