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The 5 Best Makeup Brushes and How to Use Them

If you use mineral makeup, or any powder-based makeup, your brushes are your best friend when it comes to application. Brushes can make your makeup routine much easier, or much harder if you use the wrong ones. That’s why it’s important to choose the right tool for each specific job. There are many different makeup brushes that are all designed for a specific purpose. Here are five of our favorites and how to use them:

  • Bronzer brushes – Bronzer brushes typically have a fluffy rounded head and a thicker, medium length handle. This soft and fluffy head design allows the brush to apply your bronzer evenly to get a natural, sun-kissed look. The handle shape gives you a perfect level of control over your bronzing, as well.
Our Pick:
With a strong bamboo handle and soft nylon bristles, this brush is great for applying bronzer, and is also great for all around powder makeup application!


  • Kabuki Brushes – Kabuki brushes have seen a tremendous rise in popularity with the increased popularity of mineral makeup. This is because their soft, dense bristles are perfect for holding fine powders, such as mineral foundations. They’re also great for buffing, blending, applying finishing powder, and creating a softer blush finish.
Our Pick:
The compact design and soft taklon bristles make this brush a must have for any brush collection. Great for travel!


  • Angled blush brushes Angled blush brushes have a wide, soft angled tip that make them great for the precise application you need with your blush. These brushes will pick up the right amount of powder and allow you to dust it gently over your cheeks, giving you a natural, rosy look.
Our Pick:

This angled brush features a long bamboo handle and goat hair bristles, making it perfect for applying your favorite blush!

  • Fan Brushes – Fan brushes have bristles that are spread wide and pick up a small line of makeup powder when you use them. This makes them excellent for applying highlighters because when used with a light hand, they provide the perfect light dusting of highlighter to still look natural.


  • Blending brushes – Most blending brushes have dense, rounded tips, helping them to evenly blend contours, highlights, and eyeshadows. They’re great for softening harsh lines, leaving you with a more natural look. Blending is a must when you’re doing your makeup, making these brushes an essential in your collection.
Our Pick:

This wood-handled brush has an oval-shaped nylon brush head that is ideal for blending.

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