Mineral Makeup

At Skin & Beyond, we completely understand that it is often a tough sell to swap out your trusty makeup and skin care products for natural alternatives. There are so many “natural” products on the market today that it is hard to tell what is good for you and, frankly, what actually works. Mineral-based makeup has been growing in popularity over the past few years, but it is natural to wonder if it can really live up to the hype. Switching brands and ingredients can be intimidating, especially with something as delicate and individualized as makeup.


We have thoroughly researched and tested Lure Minerals (Formerly Pure Minerals,the natural mineral makeup line we have selected to sell on our site), and it is even better than anything we have bought from a department or drugstore. Lure Minerals is made of simple ingredients that are naturally anti-inflammatory. This mineral makeup will not only concealit is also great for your skin! Other key benefits of using mineral-based makeup include:


Sun Protection

Since zinc oxide and titanium dioxide are main ingredients, Lure Minerals makeup naturally protects your skin from the sun. These two ingredients work together to block different types of rays, giving you more complete sun protection.


Better Coverage

The vast majority of traditional foundations contain bulking agents like talc, which feels heavy on the skin and results in the makeup settling into fine lines and wrinkles. Mineral-based makeup sits lightly on the skin, and because there are no fillers or heavy, unnatural ingredients, it has a flawless, barely-there feel.


Suitable For All Skin Types

Gone are the days of hopping from brand to brand to try to address allergies, oily skin, acne, or sensitive skin. Mineral makeup is safe for all skin types because it is free of skin-irritating ingredients and will not clog your pores or suffocate your skin.



Because mineral makeup works with your skin, rather than simply covering it, it is naturally waterproof and sweatproof. Never again do you have to suffer through a day of wearing goopy, cakey, heavy foundation; mineral makeup feels like a second skin that lets your natural beauty shine through.


Our mineral makeup products fall into several categories:


Gift Sets – These include several makeup items and accessories. They are great as gifts or for those new to mineral makeup.


Foundation – The main base of makeup application. It provides even coverage and tone.


Primer and Concealer – The perfect starting point to prepare your face for the rest of your makeup.


Blushes and Finishing Powders – Products that go on after foundation and complete your look with a pop of color or your desired finish.