Sets and Kits

Airbrush cosmetics sets and kits offer the most value, which makes them excellent gifts and a great starting place if you want to give easy-to-use yet professional airbrush makeup a try. With a range of foundation colors in each set and kit, those who are not 100% certain of their foundation shade have a chance to try several different shades of air spray makeup. The variety in these packages guarantees that you will be able to get everything you need to begin.


Sets – If you already have an airbrush gun and compressor and you want to make the switch to Photo Finish, these sets will give you the most value. They provide a variety of makeup items including foundation colors, finishing powders, and blush, but they do not include an air compressor and airbrush gun.

Kits – The perfect place to get started for those who are new to airbrush makeup. These airbrush makeup kits include an airbrush gun and compressor, as well as the other makeup items you will need to begin. They also include a handy instruction booklet full of makeup application tips.

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