Airbrush Gun


Product Description

Airbrush Gun

When you're using professional-level airbrush cosmetics like the mineral-based makeup you'll find at Skin & Beyond, you'll also want to use the best airbrush gun to apply it. This airbrush gun features a .4mm spray tip, a gravity-fed cup, and an adjustable spray lever. This gun gives you the ideal level of control and is the perfect airbrush to use with your Photo Finish Airbrush Makeup.

  • Adjustable airflow trigger gives a high degree of control over application of airbrush cosmetics
  • Gravity-fed cup is easy to refill and clean air spray makeup
  • .4mm needle and tip are the perfect size to use with your Photo Finish Airbrush Makeup
  • Durable construction
  • Easy to clean and maintain

Get the ultimate control over your professional airbrush makeup application with this wonderful airbrush gun!