Brand: Vitalash

Product Description


Revitalize your lashes with Vitalash! This lash serum is specially formulated to stimulate the roots of lashes and encourage growth. It does this by using a powerful hair-growth peptide (Miristoyl Tetrapeptide), as well as vitamin E acetate and apple stem cell extract, all of which help stimulate healthy lash growth. All these actives are combined with castor oil to penetrate the lash line without dripping into your eyes.


  • Stimulates fuller, longer lash growth
  • Nourishes and soothes lash line
  • No-drip formula makes this the best eyelash enhancer around


Stimulates fuller, longer lash growth: Miristoyl Tetrapeptide, silk amino acids, and vitamin E penetrate the skin to nourish lash roots, stimulating the growth of longer, fuller lashes. Miristoyl Tetrapeptide is a specialized peptide blend that is formulated specifically to stimulate and encourage lash growth.

Nourishes and soothes lash line: Castor oil and vitamin E are naturally soothing and healing ingredients. They are absorbed into the skin and nourish and moisturize it. They also add to the lash-growth stimulation effect.

No-drip formula: The castor oil for eyelashes makes it thick and rich, preventing it from dripping into your eyes, meaning it will stay and be absorbed into the desired area without causing eye irritation.



Castor Oil, Miristoyl Tetrapeptide, Silk Amino Acids, Dl Alpha Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E), Polysorbate 20, Cap-5

Use morning and night. Apply this oil for eyelashes daily to roots of upper eyelid after removing makeup. Effects will be visible after two to four weeks of daily treatment.